Dry Prairie Baptist Church

Our Church History

     Dry Prairie Baptist Church was established in 1888 in the northeast corner of Manatee County, in the rural Duette community with twenty-five charter members. The first building was erected in a grove of pines off Duette Road a few miles south of Highway 62. The church moved into a second building in 1913 at the same location. In August of 1948 this building was moved to a new location on Highway 62 next to the Duette School on five acres of land donated by a benevolent member of the community.

     In 1952 a new concrete block auditorium was added for worship services and the old structure converted into Sunday school rooms. Sometime later the old building was removed and replaced by the block structure, which is still in use. With the donation of an additional five acres of land, another educational building was added, and later the church added a large fellowship hall, which is well used, especially for our first-Sunday dinners. 

     Dry Prairie Baptist Church has always had a reputation for old-fashioned gospel singing, powerful preaching, and a strong bond of fellowship. This friendly and loving congregation reaches out to minister to the community, whether they are members of our church or not. Guests will find a warm welcome here.